Upcoming Project:
Terrible Noises for Beautiful People:
Cobra Edition

Learn John Zorn's Cobra.

All Vocal. No experience needed.

April(ish) 2007

About This Vocal Cobra Class

I’m planning to start a series of classes teaching an all-vocal version of Cobra- an amazing noise-improvisation game composed by John Zorn in the 1980's. (You can read more about Cobra here, here, and here, and see a video of it here.)

I'm really interested in improvisation as a participatory activity that people can do as an end in itself. So- while musicians are welcome to this class, non-musicians are even more welcome. You don't have to have done anything like this before, you just have to want to.

The class will be entirely vocal- no instruments, just voice-noises. We'll spend some of the time working on general vocal-noise-improv, some working specifically on Cobra.

About Misha

I host Trampoline Hall, which is not so much like a Cobra class. I’ve also taught a bunch of improvised music classes primarily geared to nonmusicians, and did Open Cobra (a couple of one-night participatory vocal Cobra events) with Joe Sorbara. You can read about some of these past projects here, here, and here.

Interested? Get in touch!

I'm still finalizing the details of time (hope to start in the next few weeks), schedule (probably 8 or so consecutive Wednesdays or Tuesdays or something like that), price (some variation of PWYC), and place.

If you're might be interested in knowing more about the series, drop me a line at improvise@mglouberman.com. How/whether/when I can do this will depend on what I hear back from people, so if you might interested, don't just wait to hear more news, email me and let me know.


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